Doychin Raychev and Miroslav Boyadzhiev

The artists Doychin Raychev and Miroslav Boyadzhiev were both born in 1976 in Bulgaria. Their first degrees were awarded by The National Academy of Music - Sofia, under the supervision of Prof.  Milena  Mollova and Prof. Zheni Zaharieva. In 1998, they started working together as a piano duo. Shortly afterwards they won several competitions, including both the first and the special award for their interpretation of Russian music at the Sofia International Competition in 1999. Several concerts in Bulgaria and neighboring countries followed. Their big success came in 2000, when they won the Grand Prix at the Competition of the International Association of piano duos in Tokyo, Japan. With the support of the "Cyril and Methodius" and "Future for Bulgaria" foundations, both artists relocated in Switzerland. They have been specializing as a piano duo in Bern University of Art (Hochschule der Kunste Bern). This gave them the opportunity for expanding their repertoire and new horizons in their knowledge in the music culture of Western Europe. They began with intensive studies on French and German classical (standard) repertoire. One year later they won the "Martha Mozer" competition and scholarship. The same year, they received support from the "Nikati" Foundation for contemporary music, stimulating a new line in their development - music of the late 20th and today. In 2005, the musicians recorded their first CD "Between two worlds". In 2006 they were awarded the special prize at the Festival of 20th century music in Rome. Today, the duo belongs to the leading ensembles in late Romantic and Modern repertoire. They have appeared in the Days of Reger's Music in Meiningen, Germany (Concert on the occasion of 130 years of Reger's birth). The artists perform at prestigious venues in various European cities (e.g. 100 years Opernhaus Nuernberg) and for the Swiss Federal Council. Their concerts have been broadcasted by BNT (Bulgarian National Television), BNR (Bulgarian National Radio), FM-Tokyo, Radio DRS 2 and SR Espace 2. The duo enjoys working with active composers such as Tereza Procachini, Dieter Amman and Jurg Wyttenbach. They get further inspiration from the Master classes with Klaus Hellwig (Berlin) and Fou Ts'ong (London). The duo's repertoire today covers a large fraction of the standard repertoire for two pianos from the 19th and 20th centuries. The duo is planning a series of concerts with compositions by younger as well as established contemporary composers. Another important goal is to elaborate the almost forgotten repertoire of the so-called Skriabinists. At the same time, the duo's intention is to devote to concerts for two pianos and orchestra from the early romanticism. Nevertheless, 20th century and late romanticism compositions keep taking a central place in their occupation. There both artists can develop most comprehensively the orchestral potential offered by the two grand pianos. This website is best viewed with Flash!