Piano Duo Accento

Theatre of Sound

In March 2007  the Duo has  launched its program "Theatre of Sound" as part of the Festival SMC Lausanne. This performance was again broadcast by Radio SR Espace 2. The idea for the resonances provided the background for the complete program which comprised works of both the late 19th and early 20th centuries - by B. A. Zimmermann, J. Wyttenbach, Kenichi Nishizawa, Henri Dutilleux, and Maurice Ohana. The program "Theatre of Sound" covers a wide variety of character and expression - from Zimmermann's stringent formal language way up to Dutilleux's extraordinary rhythmic flexibility -, while each work augurs a tonal spectacular giving birth to a veritable musical theatre within which richly physical piano playing develops out of interaction and musical dialog. The dialog of resonances is established through intricate chordal passages and their reverberations as well as through both pianists' influencing each other within space and time. This is actually what generates an own, genuine understanding of colors and imagination.
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